Big Fish Announces FLEX work policy

We believe in a thriving, diverse culture without limits, including cubicle walls. We enjoy working in pajamas, being an early bird or a night owl AND we value water cooler chats. We think spending time together is vital for wellbeing, forging our culture, and performing best as a team. So we built a meaningful way for employees to enhance their work/life balance. 


Big Fish is officially a flex-forward work environment. We actively ENCOURAGE our employees to find their flex-work style and provide them with a simple process for making it flex official. 


We trust our Big Fish team to do their best work - no matter:

○ where they work 

○ when they work 

○ how they work 


Flexibility means a lot more than just where we work and can encompass all sorts of options and choices. We know our people are hard-working, committed, and trustworthy, so we empower them to work with their manager to design a flex program that is right for them and their role.  


We have four fundamental principles to our approach:

○ It starts with trust 

○ It embraces choice, diversity, and inclusion 

○ It is customer and player-focused 

○ It cherishes connections


We have offices in select global locations. For our fully remote team members, we leverage tools and technology and rely on Big Fish leaders to help people stay connected.


Learn more about our culture and open roles here.