We're happy to present the Big Fish Games' Customer Favorites Awards for 2022!

Game of the Year

GrandMA Studios delivered big time this year with a chilling, captivating case bursting with atmosphere, just like a classic Mystery Case Files title should.

Best Hidden Object Game

Cute characters, unique problems, and fun solutions are just a few things the Faircroft's Antiques series brings to the pond, and The Mountaineer's Legacy does a wonderful job of keeping the tradition alive.

Best Time Management

With some refreshing new game mechanics and a brand new tale to tell, the surprise sequel to the fan-favorite time management game didn't disappoint!

Best Adventure Game

With a familiar escape room feel, but solutions that don't require an engineering degree, Morrok struck a perfect balance for adventure gamers looking for something new in 2022!

Best Artwork

Despite its single-color subtitle, this year's Living Legends: The Blue Chamber features a stunning color palette that helps the gorgeous artwork pop off the screen throughout the game, proving that the series still holds all the magic and fun we all love!

Best Mystery

Elephant Games brought all of the ingredients for a killer mystery to the first sequel in the Strange Investigations series and ended up with an outstanding whodunit that keeps you guessing!

Best Fantasy Game

The fantasy genre isn't always easy to get right, but our friends at Friendly Fox proved to have exactly what it takes with Edge of Reality: Lost Secrets of the Forest -- imagination, creativity, and a challenging but engrossing tale to tell!

Best Holiday Game

Christmas Stories is always a prime source of holiday cheer when the Yuletide season rolls around, but Elephant Games outdid themselves with a clever, heartwarming Christmas tale in this year's entry!

Best Detective Game

Detective Agatha returned to the world of Dark City this year but in a case so big that one city just wasn't enough. In a first for the series, a single case takes Agatha to three of the world's biggest cities in another fantastic whodunit game from Friendly Fox!

Best Story

Elephant Games was on a roll this year with a brand new Cursed Fables that provides a slightly darker take on the familiar Snow White story through stunning visuals, an engrossing mystery, and unexpected twists!

Connected Hearts: The Full Moon Curse Collector's Edition

Best Debut

The debut title in the new Magic City Detective series dropped in 2022 with a potent combination of mystery, magic, secrets, and a healthy dose of fantasy, all delivered in a rich, colorful, striking art style!

Creepiest Game

Fans of the grim and ghastly can be tough to please, but Gloomy Tales: Horrific Show got a fantastic reaction this year! What could be a creepier setting for a spooky game than an amusement park?

Best Match-3 Game

Classic Match 3 gameplay never goes out of style, and Tower of Wishes 2: Vikings has everything you could want in a Match 3 game, including an adjustable difficulty that you can change without starting over!

Best Puzzle Game

Puzzle Pieces 7 is not just the best puzzle game of the year; it's the perfect puzzler for the holiday season. Stuffed with holiday cheer and enough options to keep you puzzling well into 2023, Puzzle Pieces 7: Christmas is more filling than a Christmas feast!

Best Mosaics Game

A great mosaics game is more than just puzzles, as the Fantasy Mosaics series continues to prove. Clever puzzles, bright colors, a fun theme, and cute characters all come together for a mosaics game that stood out in 2022!

Best Card Game

If you know solitaire, you already know Jewel Match Solitaire, but if you've never taken the series for a spin, there's never been a better time to start! Jewel Match Solitaire X was a home run for fans of the series this year, proving itself as a true gem of the genre.

Best Pets Game

Cat fans came out in droves in 2022, eager for hidden-object fun featuring furry, fancy felines in I Love Finding MORE Cats! What's not to love?

Best Travel Game

The convenience of seeing the world from the comfort of home has always been appealing, but one game went above and beyond to capture that idea this year. Adventure Trip: Amazing World 2 is packed with gorgeous scenery from around the globe, making it the ultimate travel package!

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How Were Winners Selected?

All winners earned this honor based on overall purchases and sentiment provided in player reviews. The following factors were used to determine the winners:

  • First seven days sales
  • A game can only win one award (i.e. if a game wins "game of the year", it cannot qualify for "Best Hidden Object Game", etc.)
  • Game classifications are determined by the site editor. Many games cross several genres and award categories.