Elephant Games 20th Anniversary!

This year, Elephant Games celebrates 20 years of groundbreaking entertainment! Join us as we look back at their incredible history and get a sneak peek at what’s next!

Elephant Games was founded in 2003, and in a few short years, the company had grown and developed several successful games for PC. A meeting with Big Fish Games in 2009 would take both companies to the next level with a shared commitment to delivering new and exciting experiences to our players. A long and fruitful collaboration followed, resulting in dozens of fan-favorite classic games and unforgettable stories.


New Games

Check out the latest Elephant Games titles that have players talking. Whether they’re bringing us the latest installment in a fan-favorite series or spinning up what could be the next big franchise, the team at Elephant Games consistently delivers incredible stories set in amazing worlds.


Elephant Games provided these slick avatars. Just right-click and "Save image as" to save a copy of your favorite!

A Day in the Life

Elephant Games is made up of passionate people who love to build fantastic experiences. They are a family of talented creators delivering games that transport players into worlds of magic, mystery, and adventure. Let’s take a look at a day in the life of 3 Elephant Games employees.

Grim Tales

Follow the resourceful detective, Anna Gray as she confronts dark forces targeting her and her family in this time-bending adventure full of mystery, magic and drama. Jump into the story and discover why this one is a fan-favorite.

Mystery Trackers

Join the Mystery Trackers and get teleported into a sci-fi world to solve mind-blowing cases across myriad locations and realities. Each case brings new surprises and a slew of tricky puzzles to crack.

Haunted Hotel

In this classic spine-tingling series, investigate creepy locations and unearth supernatural mysteries. If you’re a horror fan and drawn to the things that go bump in the night, Haunted Hotel is a must-play.

Ms. Holmes

Step into the shoes of Ms. Holmes, England's favorite new detective, and help thwart some tricky troublemakers threatening Londoners.